No Harm  No Foul

Film Type | Documentary
Completion Time | June, 2016
Format | HD Video
Length | 22:15 min

In the tendency to assume that science-based conclusions are objective and reliable, public health tragedies are allowed to occur repeatedly.


Life of Zili

Film Type | Documentary
Completion Time | January, 2015
Format | 16 mm B &W film
Length | 3:46 min

A middle-aged first-generation Chinese immigrant lives independently while recovering from illness.

On Beat

Film Type | Documentary
Completion Time | March, 2015
Format | HD Video
Length | 6:44 min

Music runs in the veins of every member of the Cotton family, but it’s not only about listening to it.

A Distant Reflection

Film Type | Documentary
Completion Time | June, 2015
Format | HD Video
Length | 4:29 min

A look at the experiences of living abroad from an immobile perspective.