Cheng Zhang is a filmmaker born and raised in China. Prior to coming to the US to study nonfiction filmmaking, she graduated from Sichuan University and Peking University studying the Environment in the fields of Science, Engineering, Sociology, and Anthropology. Her film topics of interest include power and authority, social structure, individual resilience, education, and personal development. She has recently received an MFA in Documentary Film and Video from Stanford University. Her thesis film at Stanford, No Harm No Foul, was her first attempt to explore through visual storytelling the environmental issue of lead-in-water and the unquestioned authority of scientists.

Digging deeper into the issue of lead-in-water in the US, Cheng is currently working on a feature-length documentary Unsafe At Any Level that uncovers a story of exploitation, negligence, and disempowerment by our leaders, authorities, storytellers and decision-makers. Read here to learn more about this project.